Shawl making and any other randomness I can come up with

So, I started yet another project. Yeah I know. Shame on me! But, I'm making it for Christine's Mom. She's done a lot for us, and I wanted to make her something nice. I ordered some yarn from knitpicks. It's called Shine Sport....I think. I'll have to look later. But anyway, the colorway is called blush and it's really pretty. And it has this lovely shine about it. And it's absolutely lovely to knit with. It's super smooth and silky. I love it! I might have to buy some more later for maybe a hat or something. :) Anyway, I had to start the shawl over once because when I joined a new ball of yarn, I joined in the middle of a row, and it somehow messed me up. Then, one of the puppies we're watching and trying to rehome, decided that it would be a grand idea to chew on my knitting. Yeah, needless to say I was a bit mad. And he chewed up one of my 40" cables. :(
Anyway, I suppose that's about it for now. More later. Oh! Here's a random sentence for the day.
an euphonious keeps you smart

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